Maintenance Program

Maintenance  Program

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Not Just Cleaning on Demand.

Cleaning On Demand

Reasons for cleaning?

  • "The carpet looks dirty"
  • "We are having a party this weekend"
  • "My in-laws are coming to visit"

Other Urgent reasons to clean

  • "We spilled coffee, wine, etc."
  • "Our Child had a stomach flu and couldn't make it to the restroom"
  • "Our pet was sick and messed on the carpet"


Maintenance Program

When you are settled in your new home in Tokyo, Carpet Doctor will visit you and prepare a maintenance program just for your home.

Regular cleaning will be scheduled to maintain your carpets.?Frequency of cleaning will be tailored to your needs.

Why have a maintenance program?

Your carpets will always be clean!-Just like clothing, carpet is made from wool, cotton, nylon, and other synthetics which need to be washed or dry-cleaned?regularly to maintain appearance and cleanliness.

Improved Indoor air quality!-We all need clean air in Tokyo!

No worries of letting months go by without cleaning. Carpet Doctor will contact you at regular intervals to schedule your regular cleaning.

Of course you can call us anytime you have urgent needs!

We also sell Products for spills and pet problems